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All saves featured here were submitted for use only on and, by fans of Mass Effect and are offered without promise of them working correctly in your game. If you find a save that is not as described or does not work, please let me know so it can be fixed or removed.

These websites were created and are maintained by Annakie.

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You are MOST LIKELY to get a timely response @annakie on Twitter. This is my personal twitter, please be kind. :) - I only check this email occasionally, so expect a very long wait time for a reply.

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Thank You

I would like to thank the following people:

Joakim, for the web design. This page would still look like word documents without you.

Spork for creating and maintaing the database, and backend of the site. Also for 20+ years of friendship, I guess. :)

Every single person who's submitted a save, you are the reason this site has more content than my 4 or 5 Shepards.

All the goons in the Something Awful Mass Effect 2 threads for their encouragement, support and for spreading the word about the site throughout the internet, making it literally over 1000 times more successful than I'd ever anticipated. Also, for posting useful information which I've reposted here for everyone to see. Hentai Tentacle Demon in particular for his Import walkthrough, saving me I'm sure dozens of emails.

Count Choculitis for her encouragement, and help testing the original site.

RoryGilmore for help formatting new saves for me, saving me hours of time doing updates, and for helping import Shepards into the new database. You rock!

Also, Falken and Corrodias for their help moving the Shepards into the database. The transition from Word-Doc site to functioning site with a real database would have been much more painful without all of your help, and it was truly appreciated.

Every person who donated money for bandwidth in the early days of the site. You helped allievate the bandwidth worries and kept the site going in its first few months! Donations have not been accepted since I believe 2011, but were needed and appreciated back then.

Every one of the over hundreds of thousands people who have visited the site, and to everyone who linked the site on a message board, chatroom or webpage to help spread the word.

All of the gaming sites that linked to the site. That was something I never expected. Especially Tycho at Penny Arcade!

Bioware for making such an incredible series of games (and almost all of my favorite games ever.)


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